National Geographic’s GREAT MIGRATIONS     (6)

I just got an email from Bob Poole, one of the most talented DPs working in the nature documentary space (for a list of shows he’s done, click here).  I haven’t (yet) had the chance to work with Bob, but there’s always next time….

Bob was principal cinematographer on Great Migrations, the new epic nature series from National Geographic that’s launching worldwide on Nov 7th. Here’s the trailer:

My other friends in the industry who worked on it say that it kicks Planet Earth’s butt. I’m certainly tuning in on Sundays to watch what looks like a masterpiece. Bravo, Bob and Nat Geo for all your hard work making this!

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Dolphin Warriors: The Battle at Taiji Continues!     (5)

First of all, I’m ecstatic that The Cove won the Oscar for best documentary. How cool is that? And secondly, I’m excited to hear that Animal Planet has just announced Dolphin Warriors, a TV series that picks up where The Cove ended. Ric O’Barry is back, and he’s still focused on getting the people in Taiji (and the rest of Japan) to stop killing dolphins.  Very excited to see where this goes!

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A Killer Whale Lives up to its Name     (11)

Sad news coming in right now from SeaWorld’s Shamu Stadium in Orlando, Florida. Ever since watching The Cove, I’ve been against the captivity of cetaceans and have avoided going to SeaWorld, dolphinariums and the like (Not that I did that often, but I was in Orlando last month and specifically avoided SeaWorld). I’m curious if this latest event will change the public’s perception of these magnificent animals and how they should (or should not) be held captive.

Granted, there’s a good chance this trainer was completely sympathetic to the animal in question (named Tillikum or “Tilly”) and perhaps was not doing anything threatening or wrong. And it seems Tilly had a history of injuring humans. Curious to see how things progress as the investigation unfolds. Sad, though, for the trainer’s family and no doubt for the people in the audience who witnessed an apparently brutal event. I imagine there are a lot of traumatized kids leaving SeaWorld this afternoon.

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Galápagos Photos Now Online!     (18)

For those wondering when the photos I shot in the Galápagos would be posted to the Gallery, well ... they’re up! I’ve posted 24 of my favorite images shot during the 5-day trip. I really hope you enjoy them.  Of course, most of the photos are of animals, but there are a couple of landscapes at the beginning, too (from my hike on Bartholome Island). For those who want more info about each image, we’ll be launching a new version of the Gallery in a few months that will include information from me on each slide. For now, though, you’ll just have to let the images speak for themselves. Happy viewing!

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Natural World: The Chimpcam Project     (5)

One of my sound recordists, Rob, always jokes that he’s easily replaceable—that recording sound for a TV show is so simple that he could teach a monkey how to do his job in about 5 minutes, maybe 3 minutes. Well, after seeing this video, Rob may need to worry about chimps, too (chimps aren’t monkeys). Perhaps it’s cameramen who should be worried…

I think the footage looks more like camera-carrying than actual planning and directing, but it still offers a unique perspective into the day-to-day life of chimps in a zoo. For primate enthusiasts, I’m sure the footage will be both enjoyable and possibly eye-opening. Not sure if the program will air here in the US, but here’s the release from the BBC with more info for those interested.

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