Sushi, Seaweed and Microbes     (4)

Just read this announcement reporting the discovery of a seaweed-digesting enzyme in the intestinal bacteria of some Japanese people. An avid sushi eater, I thought this interesting. The article points out this phenomenon is not likely to occur in non-Japanese sushi eaters, as the seaweed must be fresh and eaten in large quantities (drat), but still interesting.

While on the subject of fish, it’s important to note that mercury is a growing concern for sushi eaters—especially for those who like to eat tuna (which I now avoid). If you must eat tuna, I suggest you drink some green tea with it, as this article points out. Phytochemical-rich drinks like green tea and black tea can decrease the bioaccessibility of mercury in your sushi. So order your green tea at the beginning of your meal and sip it while eating your sushi. Kanpai!

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TED Highlight: Dan Barber’s How I fell in love with a fish     (7)

The TED Conference is well-known for inviting only the best speakers to deliver 20-minute speeches to a crowd of enthusiastic, idealistic, and sharp-minded people. “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world” is their motto, and a lot of their talks are not viewable online, which is fantastic. Here’s one I think you’ll enjoy from Dan Barber, executive chef of Blue Hill Farm restaurants. Well worth your 20 minutes.

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“LeWhat?”... LeWhif - Coffee You Actually Inhale     (12)

As I type this, I’m having a strange sense of déjà vu. Not sure why, exactly. I may have dreamed of this a year or so ago, but it seems a French company has recently created a product called LeWhif (seriously) that allows you to inhale your coffee. Yup, inhale it, the way some people take their asthma medication. You can read about the technology and the marketing behind it here.

Now, I don’t drink much coffee when I’m not in front of a camera (to give my adrenals a break). But I do love coffee, and I do love breathing, so maybe this thing is worth trying? The video on their website shows a bunch of people pleasantly surprised by the experience, which I’m guessing is more of a taste of coffee than any real jolt. But let’s find out—I believe there’s a place in NY that sells LeWhif and it’s not too far away…. Stay tuned!

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