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Movie of the Week: Gasland

You ever see buses or cars driving around with bumper stickers on them saying “this vehicle runs on clean natural gas”? Here in New York City, over 900 of the MTA’s 6,200 buses run on natural gas (and have that sticker). Well, natural gas may burn cleaner than diesel, but it’s certainly not a clean fuel to produce. Of all the films I saw at Mountainfilm last month, few left as strong an impression on me as Gasland. Here’s the trailer:

Filmmaker Josh Fox does a commendable job weaving his personal story through a quagmire of political bureaucracies, special interest groups, corporate greed and environmental short-sightedness. The film is playing tonight (June 21) on HBO. I suggest you make time to watch it and get involved in stopping hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) from happening near you. For more info on HBO, visit this link.  For the official Gasland site, visit here.

Posted by ExplorerJosh on 06/21 at 02:32 PM

  1. For about 20 minutes after watching the film, I was at a complete loss for words. Half-way through the film, I had to pause it and reflect: Can this be happening? Can impotent environmental legislation, gov’t environmental organizations, and our political leaders really be poisoning us?
    It’s a hard realization to make - hydraulic fracturing is slowly poisoning us, our water, our animals, our food supply, our Earth. This story had to be told. It’s quite obvious now that we’d never know otherwise the true impact of “fracking”, because Halliburton (and small drillers) keeps many politicians well financed and silenced. Who knew that some folks can actually ignite the gasses coming from their kitchen faucets? It’s in the film!

    This is capitalism at its ugliest. Our leaders need to hear stronger public opinion on the impacts of fracking. If you haven’t yet become familiar with this film, please do so. You’ll immediately find your position on the matter. 


    Posted by Alive2Dive on 06/22 at 10:54 AM

  2. Since seeing ‘Gasland’, I must say how much I respect Josh Fox for NOT taking the money he was offered.  Companies like Halliburton are the worst form of business.  The greed and callous disrepect for anything other than money is sickening.

    I’m on the ‘Gasland’ email list, and I hope some others on this forum are too.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 07/06 at 02:52 PM

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