Mystery Explored: Atlantis: New Revelations
Expedition Dates: September 4 - 27, 2006


Is Atlantis, the story of the fabled continent, a myth or based in fact? One of the most enduring legends of all time, Atlantis was described as a perfect society—peaceful, artistic, and technologically advanced—but it was destroyed in a cataclysm that literally drowned the continent. Could Atlantis still be waiting to be discovered? To find out, I traveled to the Mediterranean Sea in search of Atlantis. I walked in the footsteps of Plato in Greece, and dove the blue waters of the Mediterranean to discover a mysterious sunken city. Equipped with state of the art technology, I then led an exclusive expedition off the coast of Cyprus and Syria in search of what could be the “true” Atlantis.

Sponsoring Institution: The History Channel

Experts involved:
Dr. Dora Katsonopoulou
Dr. Ioannis K. Koukouvelas
Dr. Costas Synolakis
Mr. Axel Schoeller
Prof. Anthony Kontaratos
Mr. Robert Sarmast
Mr. Darden Hood
Dr. William Keegan
Mr. John Van Auken
Dr. Colin Macdonald
Commodore Robert Bates, USMM
Mr. Patrick Lowry
Mr. Giannis Raptis
Locations Visited:
Bimini, Bahamas
Miami, Florida
Athens, Greece
Plato Academy, Greece
Patras, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Heraklion, Greece
Crete, Greece
Limassol, Cyprus



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