Mystery Explored: Living with Mummies
Expedition Dates: 47


The Anga people reside deep in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea. Historically, they were known as the Kukukuku -  one of the fiercest tribes in the world, alleged cannibals who hanged their dead in the trees. In 2008, facing the possibility of death, Chief Gemtasu of the Anga people of Koke village invited me to witness the ressurection of a sacred, secret mummification ritual.

Sponsoring Institution: Discovery Channel

Experts involved:
Chief Gemtasu, Village chief
Awateng, Gemtasu’s son
Ms. Ulla Lohmann, Photojournalist
Dr. Ron Beckett, Mummy expert

Locations Visited:
Aseki, Papua New Guinea
Koke Village, Papua New Guinea



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