Mystery Explored: New Maya Revelations
Expedition Dates: July 22 - August 4, 2006


Archaeologists have traditionally placed the height of the Maya civilization in the First Millennium AD. However, revolutionary discoveries in Guatemala are now challenging those views.  When did the Maya Civilization truly reach its peak? To find out, I explored the origins of the Maya throughout Mexico and the Central American rainforest. I climbed the tallest Maya pyramid, shoveled muck from a jungle swamp, and revealed the known oldest mural in the Maya world.

Sponsoring Institution: The History Channel

Experts involved:
Dr. Mary Miller, Archaeologist
Dr. William Saturno, Archaeologist
Dr. Richard Hansen, Archaeologist
Locations Visited:
Villahermosa, Mexico
Palenque, Mexico
Bonampak Murals, Mexico
San Bartolo Murals, Guatemala
Antigua, Guatemala
Flores, Guatemala
Carmelita, Guatemala
Mirador Archaeological site, Guatamala



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