Mystery Explored: Ramesses: Visions of Greatness
Expedition Dates: April 27 - May 17, 2006


Was Ramesses II Egypt’s Greatest Pharaoh? He built soaring statues, grand temples, and monuments to himself throughout Egypt. He even declared himself a living god. What forces drove him to be the greatest pharaoh? I traveled to Egypt to try my hand at stone masonry, decoded the propaganda of the pharaohs, and got hi-tech to discover if Ramesses lI was as “great” as he thought he was.

Sponsoring Institution: The History Channel

Experts involved:
Dr. Miroslav Barta, Archaeologist
Dr. Melinda Hartwig, Archaeologist
Dany Roy, Stonemason
Peter Brand, Archaeologist
Locations Visited:
Cairo, Egypt
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Heliopolis, Cairo
Aswan, Egypt
Abu Simbel, Egypt
Luxor Temple, Egypt
Ramesseum, Egypt
Karnak Temple, Egypt
Abydos, Egypt



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