Mystery Explored: Roanoke: The Lost Colony
Expedition Dates: May 5 - 14, 2005


In 1587, over 100 settlers landed in the New World to build England’s first permanent colony in North America. Three years later, they had vanished. I traveled across two continents to examine the archaeological evidence. I para-motored over Roanoke Island to scan the terrain; climbed and cored a cypress tree to determine what the climate was like when the colonists disappeared; and conducted a new DNA study of the Payne family that revealed groundbreaking evidence about the fate of the lost settlers. 

Sponsoring Institution: The History Channel

Experts involved:
Dr. David Lavere, UNC Wilmington
Dr. William Kelso, Jamestown Rediscovery Center
Mr. Dennis Blanton, Tree Coring Expert
Dr. Nick Luckketti, Lost Colony Foundation
Mr. Steve Watts, Shiele Museum of Natural History
Mr. Steve Thompson, Fort Raleigh National Historic Site Manager
Mr. Bob Peters, Paramotor instructor
Mr. Eric DuFour, Paramotor trainer & safety specialist
Dr. David Phelps, Professor Emeritus of East Carolina University
Dr. Nick Barratt, Genealogist
Dr. Bryan Sykes, Oxford Ancestors

Locations Visited:
Lumberton, North Carolina
Nag’s Head, North Carolina
Jamestown, Virginia
Nowton & Oxford, England



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