Mystery Explored: Search for King David
Expedition Dates: Novmber 6 - 17, 2006


In the Old Testament, King David is the shepherd poet who, after slaying the giant Goliath, goes on to become the first king of a united Israel. But was he a real historical figure, or a mythological King? According to some scientists, the archaeological evidence appears to call the story into question; others claim they have already found the evidence to prove it’s true. To find out, I examined an ancient basalt slab inscribed with David’s name, recreated his famous fight with Goliath, and descended through a ‘secret’ waterway into the heart of Jerusalem.

Sponsoring Institution: The History Channel

Experts involved:
Dr. Yuval Goren
Dr. Israel Finkelstein
Dr. Eilat Mazar
Dr. Aren Maier
Dr. Yifat Thareani-Sussely
Dr. Eric Cline
Mr. Doron Spielman
Mr. Aryhe Bear
Mr. Daniel Ben Havram
Dr. Ori Soltes
Locations Visited:
Jerusalem, Israel
City of David, Israel
Adullam Caves, Israel
Valley of Ellah, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
Meggido, Israel



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