Mystery Explored: The Iceman Cometh
Expedition Dates: October 11 – 24, 2004


In 1991, a pair of vacationing German hikers stumbled onto one of the most remarkable finds in the history of archaeology: the perfectly preserved body of a 5,000-year old man. What made the discovery so important was more than just his state of physical preservation but also the period of time from which he came—the very cusp of the age between stone and steel. On this expedition, I headed for the high Alps on the Austrian-Italian border to visit the burial site of “Ötzi The Iceman” and discover the latest secrets revealed by his clothes, his weaponry, and even his body.

Sponsoring Institution: The History Channel

Experts involved:
Dr. Eduard Egarter Vigl, Bolzano Chief Pathologist
Dr. Claus Oeggl, Archaeobotanist
Dr. Paul Gostner, Radiologist
Dr. Walter Leitner, Archaeologist
Dr. Marco Samadelli, Conservator
Mr. Harm Paulsen, Experimental Archaeologist
Mr. Judd Stephenson, Museum Guide
Mr. Markus Pirpamer, Mountaineer
Mr. Alois Pirpamer, Mountaineer

Locations Visited:
Bolzano, Italy
Sölden, Austria
South Tyrol Museum, Italy
Archeopark, Austria



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