Welcome to the Gallery section of my website. Here you’ll find a very small selection of some photographs I’ve taken in recent years.

I began taking photographs in 1992, when I was in college, as part of a “Psychology of Visual Communication” course. Inspired to continue working with a camera while I was living in Israel in 1993-94, I shot a series of photographs at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. These images (in the Western Wall portfolio here) represent my first steps into more intentional photography, where one “makes” a photograph instead of takes one. When I returned to the US and showed these images to a few friends, they were very well received. In fact, within a few months, twenty images from this series made their way across the country in a solo exhibition in galleries from New York to California. Cibachrome prints were offered in limited editions and, with a respectful number of sales, I was able to buy better photography equipment.

Between 1994 and 2001, most of my photography was created for BOSS, doing what I could to capture the experiences at the survival school using available light. Nothing too fancy—just clean action-shots that depicted life on the trail. When people from newspapers or magazines would come to BOSS, I worked with the writer and his or her photo editor to provide images that met their needs and desires. As a result, my images started to appear in major publications, including USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Men’s Health, Self, Marie Claire, Men’s Fitness, Outside, and Backpacker magazines. It was a real thrill.

Between 2001 and 2007, I took a break from photography so I could focus on the business-side of BOSS and, as CEO, help the school navigate through the post-9/11 climate. I also started working in television.

In late 2007, with the arrival of the Nikon D3 and a desire to finally go digital, I decided to get back into photography again. I was on my way to Timbuktu and felt the need to capture my experiences in a personal way that a TV show doesn’t often do.

I’m still learning a lot about photography and what style I hope to bring to my work in the future. I’m grateful to the truly amazing photographers I’ve worked with in recent years (them behind the lens, me in front of it) and hope to continue to develop my craft in the years ahead. This section of the site is simply a place for me to display some of the images I like best. I hope you enjoy them.

PS. Once you click on a portfolio, you can watch the images in full-screen mode by clicking on the box icon at the bottom right.

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