Since 2003, I have flown around the world over 20 times, exploring some of the greatest mysteries on our planet. I have visited the sacred headwaters of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia on the trail of the Ark of the Covenant and descended into Nazi crypts in Germany in search of the Holy Grail. I have collected extremophiles from the walls of caves hidden deep below the surface of the Earth and witnessed secret mummification rituals in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. From the Amazon to the Arctic to the Alps, I’ve witnessed some of the most amazing things and, as a result, I have a unique perspective that I’d love to share with your group or organization.

In addition to my work as an award-winning television host and executive producer (3 years for History Channel, 2 years for Discovery Channel), my 25 years of experience in the wilderness education industry give me the unusual ability to apply the skills of wilderness survival to the skills of business survival. At the end of the day, after all, it’s all about surviving and thriving and knowing how to perform at your best.

If you are looking for a dynamic, engaging, relevant, and at times humorous keynote address about any number of topics (see some themes below), I’m excited to work with you. All of my talks are fully-tailored to your needs and desires with audio-visual support including some of the best photographs from my journeys to date.

  • Surviving vs Thriving: Making Yourself and Your Organization Better
  • Leadership: What Great Explorers Can Teach Us
  • Exploration Is A State of Mind

  • Around the World in 50 minutes - Stories and Photographs of My Travels
  • Great Explorers: A History of Exploration & Expeditions

  • Be Adventurous, Be Passionate, Be Present
  • The Importance of Happiness and Fulfillment

  • Global Heritage & Archaeology: The Urgent Need for Conservation
  • Going Green: Sustainability vs Profitability

To begin a discussion on what it is you’re looking for and how I might assist, please contact me using this website. I look forward to hearing from you!

“Josh was one of the most engaging speakers our chapter has ever had. After his great presentation, he stopped by each table to chat with our members. The Q&A could have gone on all night!”
    - Cathy Zambetti, Development Director, WPO - NYC Chapter

“All of our employees raved about Josh’s presentation!  They felt it was well-organized, nicely paced, and struck a good balance between the factual and the anecdotal aspects of his travels to the four locations.  Many of the staff felt that they had learned something new—whether it was the surprising fact that the Moai of Easter Island have “bodies,” to the location of the purported Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia and the rituals and secrecy surrounding its protection. One employee remarked that they feel inspired to go the library this week and seek out some books on the places he spoke about in an effort to learn more; the same employee also said that Josh’s speaking stint was one of her two most favorite in the entire time that she has been here at VPD. If there was one “complaint”, it was that they wished that the session they attended was longer so that they could have seen and heard more about his travels!  The presentation was fascinating, and Josh’s passion for his work really impressed and inspired our staff. Thank you, Josh, for coming to VPD and Folsom, CA—your visit and presentation was a fantastic experience and a great way to end the ‘academic year’ for our VPDU program!”
    -Tracy Misfeldt, Dean of VPDU, Video Products Distributors

“Our fundraising lecture event with Josh Bernstein was a tremendous success. The passion and energy he puts into his life’s work is truly evident in his lecture. Our guests left the event awed and inspired. People are still talking about the experience a year later!”
    -Colleen Miller, Development Director, Indian Creek Foundation

“Thanks, Josh, for an OUTSTANDING presentation”
    - Amy Hughes, Corporate Communications, EXPRESS

“I asked my former student, Josh Bernstein, to present a lecture in my 1,600 student introductory psychology class at Cornell. His autobiographical and highly visual tour, describing his career choices and experiences after graduation from college, was simply spellbinding. His motivation, dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, and willingness to challenge himself well beyond anyone’s comfort zone, were awe-inspiring. He was mobbed for an hour at the podium after he finished his presentation. What an incredible stimulus for students to think outside the box, to encourage thinking about their own potential, to appreciate other cultures, and to look for meaning in their education!”
    - Prof. James B. Maas, Weiss Presidential Fellow Professor of Psychology Cornell University


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